Often times our busy schedules have left us with no option than to engage the services of domestic help, then, comes the scepticism of finding the right people who fit perfectly into our desires in the areas of trust, dedication, noble character and conscientiousness.

We are glad to tell you that at Get Supportstaff, we take those earlier mentioned attributes as our priorities when searching for the candidates to be recruited for our esteemed clients.

We recruit all kinds of domestic staff for households, like nannies, househelps, cooks/chef, drivers and gate keepers.

We do not just place any staff for our clients, we rather work with clients’ requirements and we do not relax until the client is happy. We ensure all candidates are thoroughly screened through various means of questioning and cross questioning on job related issues to ascertain their skills level, background and psychological issues to ascertain their actual personalities. We also carry out an extensive verification on the information provided by them to ensure correctness, like their house addresses, guarantors’ information and previous work experience.

You can rely on our service for the following reasons;

  • We keep an updated database of screened candidates and so we are able to place you a staff that meet your requirement within a short pace of time
  • We carry out background checks on all recruited staff before resumption

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