It is widely known that the sales department is the engine room for most organisations and the performance of this department directly impacts the revenue of the company, that is why most companies are careful in the selection of the people who make up the sales team.

Through our sales outsourcing service, we provide trained sales people to function as Sales Promoters for brands in retail stores and road shows, Direct Sales Agents for Financial Institutions and other corporate bodies and Sales Staff for any kind of business.

Our strength lies in the ability of our in-house sales recruiters/trainers to research different markets to get an understanding of various consumer behaviours which they in-turn  utilize in the selection and training of the sales team to be deployed to the client’s company. They also conduct periodic appraisal for all outsourced sales staff to measure their performance and they implement feedback from this appraisal to improve the sales drive for the client.

You can trust us to deliver improved sales performance through our managed sales force


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